Alisson Sol

Alisson Sol has many years of experience in software development, having hired and managed several software teams that shipped many applications, services, and frameworks, focusing on image processing, computer vision, ERP, business intelligence, big data, machine learning, AI, cybersecurity, and distributed systems.

Since December/2023, he works as VP of Software Engineering for Capital One in New York, NY. Previously, he worked as an Engineering Manager for the Google Security Fundamentals team in New York, NY, from May/2022 to December/2023. He worked twice for Microsoft Corporation, from 2000 to 2022, in several teams in the Seattle, WA area and for Microsoft Research in Cambridge, UK. From 2017 to 2019, he was a Senior Development Manager for Amazon, working in the AWS WorkSpaces and the direct fulfillment (dropship) teams. He was previously a co-founder of 3 software companies, published several technical papers, and has several patent applications and granted patents.

He has a B.Sc. in Physics and an M.Sc. in Computer Science from the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil and General Management training at the University of Cambridge-UK. When not coding, he likes to run half-marathons, play soccer, disassemble hardware, put it back to work, and reuse the spare parts elsewhere!

Instagram pictures: alisson.a.sol

Past presentations

  • Data, Compute, Network, Power Consumption - Nov/2023 - slides
  • DATAnalyze 2021 - Oct/2021 - slides
  • Desenvolvimento de Projetos e Sustentação de Produtos (Portuguese) - Sep/2021 - slides
  • How to finish the Boston Marathon - Jul/2021 - slides
  • AI circa 2018 - Sep/2018 - slides
  • Containers demo - Jul/2016 - slides
  • Protect Your Online Services with Big Data and Machine Learning - MSDN Jan/2015 - article
  • Using big data and machine learning to protect your online service - TechEd Europe 2014 - slides
  • Real-world machine learning: how Kinect gesture recognition works - Build 2013 - slides + video
  • Kinect for Windows SDK+Toolkit - Part of CVPR 2013 tutorial - slides
  • Machine Learning Applied to Device Scenarios - Microsoft Devices Summit 2013 - slides
  • Computer Vision in Kinect for Windows - SIBGRAPI 2012 - slides
  • Optimizing Release Cadence: Metrics and Research - Nov/2011 - slides
  • Fundamentals of Distributed Systems - Jun/2011 - slides
  • Pragmatic Security - May/2011 - slides
  • Reusing your knowledge (in Portuguese) - Mar/2010 - slides
  • Debugging your mindset - NxtGenUG - Jun/2009 - slides
  • Doing Software in Large Software Companies - NxtGenUG - Mar/2009 - slides
  • Invited Speaker: AutoCollage: From Paper to Product - SIBGRAPI 2008 - slides
  • Tutorial A Service-Oriented Application for an Enterprise Datacentre - slides
  • Digital TV: The Software Components - SIBGRAPI 2007 - slides + Part 1 Video
  • SBTVD and Microsoft TV Technologies - SIBGRAPI 2006 - slides
  • XQuery and XPath - SBLP 2005 - slides
  • Applying academic knowledge in the Software Industry - SBLP 2005 - slides
  • .NET 2.0 Programming - SBLP 2005 - slides

Old academic work

  • A metamodel for distributed multimedia processing systems development - pdf
  • "PhotoPix: Uma plataforma para sistemas de processamento digital de imagens orientada para objetos" (in Portuguese) - pdf

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